Workshop Terms of Service

These terms of service for the RightStart Websites Program is an amendment to the published General Terms of Service Agreement as posted on SonicSpider's web site ( These documents may be modified without notice.


CLIENT: A subscriber services outlined on the RightStart Websites, SonicWebTech or SonicSpider LLC website. (,,

SSLLC: SonicSpider LLC, the primary provider of services.

CONTRACTOR: An independent company or individual that provides specific services as contracted by SSLLC.

AFFILIATE: An independent company or individual that uses and contracts services provided by SSLLC and is bound by and affiliate agreement.

PARTNER: An independent company or individual that joins with SSLLC to provide this service and is independently responsible for their services and performance of those services.

DEV CENTER: All consulting, programing or application development services are managed in the Sonic Development and Resource Center in the form of projects and worksheets. Project are made up of online worksheets that provide tools for reporting, logging and managing the specific tasks related to that project. A project can have multiple worksheets as determined by the SSLLC staff or AFFILIATES.

General Agreement

SSLLC, and its AFFFILATES, and CONTRACTORS agree to provide consulting services in a workshop format as outlined for that workshop marketing material. This document outlines some of the general terms and conditions under which SSLLC provides these services, specific terms and conditions are outlined in the Terms of Service Agreement as posted on SSLLC's website.

General Workshop Format

Each workshop will provide unique services as outlined in the available marketing materials. Those services may also include the following as part of the general structure and format of the workshop.

  1. Preparation services which might include: Installation, documentation in the form of ebooks, and online consulting or discussions.
  2. Technical support services may be linked to the workshop and provided through the Dev Center.
  3. Detailed presentations with linked pdf materials of many of these presentations
  4. Hands on assistance during workshop by SSLLC staff, PARTNERS, AFFILIATES, or CONTRACTORS
  5. Online Dev Center worksheet that outlines major steps and components and provides additional guidance in the form of links, videos, and guides.

How Services are Provided

Workshops are provided at locations that provide audio/visual services with areas that allow for use of laptops. Access to workshop locations is limited by the site vendor and may have additional limitations beyond this document. The key conditions and limitations are a follows:

  1. No smoking, drugs or alcohol use is permitted at any time during the workshop.
  2. Presentations are provided on a fixed schedule. Alterations to that schedule are at the discretion of SSLLC or its agents.
  3. Additional support services may be provided pre and post workshop through the Dev Center.
  4. Additional materials can be provided as pdf files and linked as downloads in the Dev Center workshop worksheet.
  5. The Dev Center is the sole repository of information about your service. Any emails or phone conversations not logged into the Dev Center are not part of this service definition or requirements.

Technical Support

Technical Support and Consulting may be provided separately or as part of a work description. The following terms and conditions apply in all cases:

  1. >All support and consulting time is measured in 15 minute increments.
  2. It is at SSLLC's discretion when the support/consulting time begins and ends. Generally this is based on the following conditions:
    1. The SSLLC agent is providing knowledge or advice in oral or written form, which is limited is to the domain of SSLLC's expertise.
    2. The SSLLC agent is gathering or assembling third party information to be delivered to CLIENT.
    3. The SSLLC agent is evaluating or analyzing information provided by CLIENT.
    4. The SSLLC agent is documenting information to be provided to CLIENT.
  3. Support/Consulting is provided within the DEV CENTER or by phone and logged into the DEV CENTER depending on the conditions outlined in the general package description or the detailed work description.
  4. There is no assumption that any support/consulting will result in completed WORK as defined herein. This must be specified by a separate purchased work description or proposal.
  5. SSLLC has no control over the use of the results of support/consulting services. SSLLC is not responsible for how the results of this advice or information are to be used by the CLIENT, and is not responsible for any damage incurred by that use.

General Conditions and Limitations

  1. There are no assumed or standard services, components, or features beyond what is listed herein or in documents referenced herein. If it not listed specifically it will not be provided.
  2. Since SSLLC has no control over the use of these services, SSLLC is not responsible for how the results of these services are used by the CLIENT, and is not responsible for any damage incurred by that use.
  3. SSLLC is not responsible for unsatisfied services that are not brought to our written attention within 10 days of delivery, to immediately resolve these issues. Deliverables are considered approved by CLIENT and chargeable, after the same 10 days if there is no response from CLIENT in writing. Work so approved, would not be grounds for future credit card chargebacks, billing disputes or payment delays.
  4. SSLLC is not responsible for the business or functional utility of work completed at any interim stage of a project or task.
  5. SSLLC is only responsible for functions as outlined herein and in published marketing materials produced by SSLLC. No function or utility is to be consider standard or assumed beyond what is documented herein.
  6. SSLLC will not be responsible for any agreements with other vendors used in the completion of the required work descriptions, nor are we responsible for managing CLIENT's third party accounts or setup.
  7. Any preparatory or setup work required for this service under control of a third party may not be completed due to issues beyond the control of SSLLC. Additional technical services can be purchased to resolve those issues.
  8. Oral or email discussions are not to be considered “written” and can not alter or amend this agreement.

Payment Terms and Conditions

  1. All services are prepaid and service can not commence until payment has officially cleared from the deposited financial institution.
  2. CLIENT agrees that no chargebacks will be initiated without written notice within the 10 day condition of #6 in “General Conditions and Limitations” and allowing 15 workdays for SSLLC to respond and resolve the issue..

Refunds – Prepaid or Deposits

  1. There are no refunds on any service package or deposit after 90 days from date of purchase.
  2. There are no refunds on any service package if any work described in the package description has been started or completed.
  3. All approved refunds will be provided within 30 days of the approval of that refund.
  4. Full refunds on prepaid service packages are only permitted under the following conditions:
    1. Request for refund is within 30 days of purchase of prepaid service package.
    2. No service has been rendered under the published work description of that package.
  5. Partial refunds on prepaid service packages are only permitted under the following conditions:
    1. Requested refund is within 60 days of the purchase of prepaid service package.
    2. Refund will be prorated less the cost of any services or programming rendered as of that date, and any consulting services provided during reviews and discussions about the service as determined by SSLLC.