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Google+ Coaching and Training

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Google+ Coaching and Training - [Select Time Options]

Get up and running quickly and avoid costly mistakes and dead ends. We have Google+ experts to walk you through setup of personal profiles, business pages, authorship, and Hangouts. Get training on maximizing your search page position by building authority and trust with Google+ training.

Sessions can be scheduled right way to get you started and walk you through whatever problems you need help with. You will get the help you need, quickly and affordably, right at your own office or home.

Service Terms and Options

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Service Options

  • Pre coaching session support - List your problem areas and get setup and preparation tips so that you can get the most out of your personal or group sessions.
  • Post coaching follow-up - Your coach can post additional information or provide follow-up answers and solutions that were discussed during your sessions.
  • Easy to use Google Hangouts. (For more intense personal help we also have Remote Desktop support with SimpleHelp)



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