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WordPress Online Training Workshop

Service Description

RightStart WordPress OnLine Workshop - $ 75.00

The RightStart Online Training Workshop provides over 4 hours of training video tutorials with over 150 pages of supplimental guides. It covers everything you need to get your WordPress site up and runing and the basics of management and maintenance.  See service options below for a complete listing.

Service Terms and Options

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Service Options

  • Over Four Hours of Videos - Detailed videos walk you through every aspect of setting up, configuring, and using WordPress
  • Over 150 pages of Guides and eBooks - All the material in the videos is in the guides and ebooks plus addtional background and advanced techniques and tips.
  • Themes and Design - Detailed guides and videos on how to find the right theme and then how to install it.
  • Plugin Recommendations - Learn about the key plugins available and get help installing and configuring those plugins
  • SEO and Social Media - Wordpress comes SEO ready, and there are a number of SEO and Social Media enhancements that we can recommend and help you configure
  • HowTo Videos - Help on all of the major tasks for using and managing your WordPress site.
  • Workshop Groups - Share and learn from other workshop members about themes, plugins, tips, and tricks.
  • Sonic Development and Resource Center (Dev Center) - An online work center that guides you, step-by-step, through the process of building your website. After your website is complete, this becomes an educational center for helping you enhance and expand your website. The Dev Center also includes a full Help Desk to ensure you get the help you need at the lowest possible cost.



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