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Free WordPress Website with Hosting

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Free WordPress Site With Hosting

Review [Service Options] for any associated costs to this basic service.

What we do for you - A free WordPress website will be installed and configured for you at Sonic Hosting to begin developing your website. Your first month of hosting is free (Promotional coupons may alter this free hosting period).

Through the Sonic Development and Resource Center (Dev Center) you will have online tutorials and articles to guide you through all of the basics you need to know to build your own website. In addition you get a free one hour technical support service (one per year) so that you have a professional web developer available to provide expert assistance. We also have numerous advanced technical services that can purchase whenever you need an expert. Through the Dev Center that support is provided seamlessly and professionally.

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Email address is used to check if you have previous account information in the system. It is not saved at this point.

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