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Have you ever wished you had a group of friends who were experts at all things web?

This FREE service offers you an opportunity to ask one of our experienced web professionals for advice and guidance on any and all web related issues. We will get you going in the right direction in finding the answers you need. If you need to go further with professional assistance you can take advantage of our many follow-up and indepth technical services. We look forward to helping you!

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Guidelines on using this service.

To best help you and in the most efficient manner, we make use of some features and tools in our Sonic Development Center system. This system is designed to make online technical help more efficient and less costly. You need to complete the following information:

  • Select a Topic Area - Your question must generally fit within these topic areas. This will route your question to correct WebTech that specializes in that topic area.
  • Enter Name and Email Address - This allows the system to send you an email notice you when your answer is ready in our system. Also, one of the conditions of this free service is that you are giving us permission to email you about SonicSpider services, programs, and other Web Technology news. Your information will NOT be sold or passed on to any other company or service. You can opt-out at any time after you receive that first email.
  • The Legal Stuff - You must read and confirm your acceptance of the Terms of Service. Sorry, but that the way the world is these days.
  • Your Question - Finally, compose your question.
  • Your Answer - Our goal is to answer your question within 24 hours Mon - Fri. Sometimes, you will get an anwser within a few minutes as we are notified immediately when you ask your question, and often are chained to our computers in a dark dungeon (Well, Ok, I exaggerate a bit, but yes we spend a very major part of our day staring at this screen). But sometimes it will take a bit longer to get your answer to you, even our web wizards sleep, eat, and do other non-computer things (I know, reality sucks), so we do have to allow for those interuptions. When your answer is ready you will get an email from the Dev Center system. If you don't get an answer email in the 24 hours then you can go to our Ask a WebTech Pro Answer Center and login with your email address and check your question status. It is possible that your question was answered and something happen to the email (spam filters usually). If after 48 hours, please click the Help Desk and create a ticket, something is wrong and we want to fix it immediately.

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