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The goal of the FREE Ask a WebTech service is to help you get going in the right direction. Often you just need a bit of guidance to solve that problem or confirm that you are heading in the right direction.

You can come back anytime to review your answers, ask for more guidance, or seek more indepth paid assistance from our other technical services.

About the Sonic Development and Resource Center

The Ask a WebTech Pro service is part of our Sonic Development and Resource Center system. This system is designed to provide technical assistance in an efficient and cost effective manner. Some of the Dev Centers main features are:

  • Education
    • Extensive collection or articles, how tos and ebooks
    • Links to important resources for a business owner on the Internet
    • Helping you do more for yourself if you want, and professionals available to help when you need it.

Ask a WebTech Pro

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  • Projects and Maintenance
    • Keep your project or technical support on track and on budget.
    • Central location to work on AND to deliver project or support content, requirements and management effectively.
    • Automatic updates and notices, that keep you updated on the status of your project or technical support.
    • Help Desk for support - avoid missing emails and lost information
    • Keep YOUR costs to a minimum while focusing on solutions while automating critical management functions.