Sonic Hosting

and Email Services

These terms of service for the SonicSpider LLC SonicWebTech™ Program is an amendment to the published Terms of Service Agreement as posted on SonicSpider's web site ( These documents may be modified without notice.


CLIENT: A subscriber to the SonicWebTech™ services as outlined on the SonicWebTech™ website (

SSLLC: SonicSpider LLC, the provider of services for the SonicWebTech™ Program.

General Terms, Conditions and Limitations

  1. Listed rates are for online sales only. Other custom rates are available and may provide additional services and fees which are not part of this service offer.
  2. All services are on a recurring basis and require credit card for payment as part of a payment profile registered with PayPal, Inc. payment systems. (See Payment Terms and Conditions)
  3. SonicSpider is not responsible for service interruptions caused by third party providers.
  4. All hosting requires either DNS hosting with SonicSpiderDomains or Registration of domain with SonicSpiderDomains.
  5. DNS hosting is included in the Hosting service.
  6. CLIENT is required to update DNS servers at their domain provider.
  7. Domain transfers are an extra cost.
  8. Service terms are Quarterly or Yearly only.
  9. Renewal of service occurs 30 days prior to the end of the current service term.
  10. Failure to renew service because of Credit Card expiration or lack of credit will cause the service to be suspended. A $25 restart service fee will be charged as part of resuming service. No exceptions permitted. SSLLC is under no obligation to notify you if there is a payment failure but will attempt to notify you via email whenever possible.
  11. Services left suspended for more that 90 days will be removed from SonicSpider's servers permanently.
  12. Cancellation of services requires a written request (Email, Mail or Fax) to SonicSpider LLC 30 days prior to the end of the current service term. In the case of email, there must be a confirmation response from SSLLC due to the unreliability of email.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided for hosting and email services based on the following terms.

  1. All support is provided through the Sonic Development and Resource Center (Dev Center).
  2. General Technical support is limited to the following issues:
    1. Website access from public internet.
    2. File manager access through Dev Center tools.
    3. Database access to assigned databases (limits based on account) via phpMyAdmin login through Dev Center.
    4. Email access through Enom, Inc Webmail service. Personal email clients are not supported as part of the basic service fees. Support for personal email clients can be purchased.
  3. Each service is provided a free premium technical support package (Time allotment determined by service level). That support is provided within the follow terms and limitations:
    1. Support only provided through the Dev Center, NO email or phone support (This can be purchased separately.)
    2. Support is provided for any issue related to web technology.
    3. Responses to questions within 48 hours, generally 24 hours.
    4. Service available during normal work days (Monday - Friday) and hours (9am to 5pm PST/PDT) excluding national holidays.

Payment Terms and Conditions

  1. All hosting and email services are prepaid.
  2. All hosting and email services are serviced by a recurring payment profile of either quarterly or yearly duration.
  3. SSLLC does not retain payment information which is maintained by PayPal Inc. based on their published terms, conditions and limitations.

  4. CLIENT agrees that no chargebacks will be initiated without written notice, allowing 15 workdays for SSLLC to respond and resolve the issue.
  5. There will be a $25 service charge for restarting services suspended because of payment failure.


  1. No refunds on services already in progress. Refunds will only be available on new purchases that have not been activated or put into service at the time of refund request and within 30 days of purchase.
  2. All refund requests must be in writing (Email, MAIL or Fax). In the case of email, there must be a confirmation response from SSLLC due to the unreliability of email. Refunds on cancelled services will be based on:
    1. 30 day notice of cancellation. The 30 days begins at the next full month of service.

    2. Refunds are prorated based on the base rate of that service. (Example: The base rate for Basic Hosting is $8.00, if paid yearly the discounted rate is $6.00, In this case the $8 rate is used to calculate the used portion of the current service.)
  1. Refunds are processed 30 days AFTER the completion of the 30 day notice period.
  2. All refunds are processed as credits to the issuing card.